Providing greater certainty
in mole evaluation.

Orlucent® has developed the first handheld fluorescent molecular imaging system to non-invasively evaluate early tissue remodeling that signals a mole’s transition to atypia.

Higher fluorescence indicates probable tissue remodeling

Reveals suspicious tissue remodeling invisible to the naked eye

The Orlucent system evaluates biological activity originating from within the mole

High biological activity

Low biological activity

High biological activity

Low biological activity

Current mole evaluation methods are visual and subjective

Tissue remodeling is indicative of a nevus transforming to atypia and atypical nevi have a potential to become melanoma.¹ Unfortunately, current visual assessment methods are not always sufficient to distinguish between benign or suspicious atypical moles.² ⁻ ⁴ For this reason, biopsy is often used to gain histopathological information. However, this takes time and biopsies have some risk of causing infection and scarring.

The Orlucent system is biologically based and objective

Addressing physician desire for improved mole evaluation tools ⁵ ⁻ ⁷ the Orlucent system was developed with the aim of increasing efficiency and reducing subjectivity and invasiveness in the identification of moles with potential to develop into malignancy.

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Currently in clinical trials.  

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